Nourishing Serenity Facial – $89


This deeply nourishing treatment is designed to restore the skin’s balance, and is ideal for those with dry and/or mature skins. The treatment focuses on nourishing the skin to combat dry flakey skin and fine lines.  We firstly remove all the dead skin cells on the surface which will be preventing your current skincare products from penetrating deeply enough to be nourishing.  We then focus on plumping the skin and addressing hydration levels, and then work on nourishing the skin with bio available oils.  Working on hydration first and then locking this hydration in with occlusive oils will help your skin to remain nourished for longer. By addressing and improving the circulation of the skin with the steam treatment and the Green Clay we are able to boost your skin own nourishing mechanisms.  Depending on your individual needs, we can tailor this treatment to work more on water hydration levels, or on oil levels.

Choose this facial if your skin needs nourishing and has: dry patches; feels flakey or papery to the touch; or is struggling with climate change and/or environmental factors. The treatment includes:

  • Organic Cleanse
  • Skin Consultation
  • Steam Treatment
  • Exfoliation
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • French Green Clay Mask with Avocado Oil
  • Warm Oil Massage Treatment
  • Hydrating Cream
The Nourishing Serenity facial made my skin feel so much better. Before the treatment it felt dry, flakey, and dehydrated. I feel like my skin is much fresher, and that is is deeply nourished, thanks Michelle. Jeni Stent
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