Tone Muscles Effortlessly with Faradic Treatments

Faradic Treatments use an electrical current to stimulate the motor point(s) of a muscle with the intention of causing a muscle contraction without any effort from the client.  The purpose of causing a muscle contraction is to tone the muscle. On the face, this toning effect on muscles can lift sagging jowls and restore a [...]

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Promote Cellular Renewal & Tissue Repair with UltraSonic Treatments

Ultrasonic Treatments are an electrical treatment performed on the face and/or body using high level sound wave technology to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin promoting cellular renewal and repair.  The treatment has many benefits but what we love most about this treatment is that it can be performed on sensitive skins where [...]

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Rejuvenating the Skin and Clearing Congestion with Vaucm Suction Facial Treatments

This treatment involves using a small ventouse, which is a glass tube with various shaped ends depending on the desired result of the treatment, to create a vacum on the skins surface. The client will feel a gentle suction on the skin but the sensation is actually quite enjoyable.  The basis of the treatment is [...]

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Jeni Stent tells us why she thinks Puhoi Beauty & Spa facials are the best on the Hibiscus Coast

Jeni was interviewed after a facial at Puhoi Beauty & Spa recently and this is what she had to say....  What do you like most about having facial treatments at Puhoi Beauty & Spa? o   Michelle knows so much about every aspect of the business, highly trained in all levels and always expanding her skillset – [...]

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Rejuvenating the Skin with High Frequency Facial Treatments

High frequency is an electrical treatment that was developed in the 1800's by the renowned scientist Nikola Tesla.  This electrical treatment was originally used to heal infections in the medical profession but its skin rejuvenation properties soon became apparent and High Frequency was picked up by the beauty industry. It has been used in the [...]

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Winter skin looking a little dull? Try this made-at-home Stimulating Face Mask now.

Winter makes our skin dry and dull for a number of reasons: Heaters dry out the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) We move less, meaning that our blood flow to the skin is decreased - this is turn means that our skin does not receive all the vital nutrients that is usually would [...]

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Cellulite Busting Rountine

Cellulite Busting Routine Ok ladies, someone asked for help with cellulite. I'm not saying you will get rid of it completely, but THERE ARE things that you can do at home to keep it to a minimum. Please see the simple steps below and a really effective home made product for cellulite. Cellulite is caused [...]

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