Learning to Relax Day Retreat

Dates: Friday 17th, Saturday 18th, and Sunday 19th January – pick a day that suits you and book now.

Costs: $299 per person all inclusive.

Bookings: You will need to book for each person attending the retreat separately so you can fill in the health forms.

What happens next: We will be in contact with you to arrange your treatment time.

Learning to Relax Day Retreat


Reducing stress levels – Tools to help reduce Anxiety and Stress Levels

When life gets too busy; the juggle of priorities between work and family becomes too much, we can often find ourselves in Overwhelm or Fight or Flight mode.

If you’ve caught yourself saying,

👀 “I’m stressed out”

😫 “I can’t cope with anymore”

🛑 “I need to stop”

then this wellness day retreat is for you. 

Puhoi is only a 45 minutes drive from Auckland, a rural sanctuary on a riverside setting, where you can slow down, re balance and learn some wellness coping tools to help you better manage stress
and anxiety.

Turn your phone off upon arrival and let our Wellness Day Retreat team work their magic.  Start the morning with a calming herbal tea, enjoy the native bush and gardens and meet the 7 other people on the Wellness retreat with you (we keep the numbers small to allow you to have one on one time with our wellness practitioners).

The Treatment for the January Wellness Day Retreat will be a Relaxation Massage with Health Therapist Sophie Wood. Treatments will take place throughout the day and you will be assigned your treatment time before you arrive.

How will the day go?

9am – Arrive and settle in, hand over your phone, enjoy a cup of herbal tea and start to slow down before you start your wellness reset.

Yin Yoga with Dr Cheryl Krull.  Whether you are a yoga guru or have never tired Yoga before you will love this calming, re balancing practice. The restorative poses are easy and gentle. Cheryl will talk you through breath work, diaphragmic breathing and mindfulness, allowing your whole nervous system to relax and your mind to slowdown. A nourishing practice for both mind and body.

Morning tea and Herbal Tea Making where you will learn about the properties of the healing plants and herbs that you can find in your garden.

Dealing with Tension Headaches. Body mechanic and massage therapist Sophie Wood will guide you through the causes and solutions of tension headaches. Get hands on with some self-massage techniques and discover new tools to better help manage your stress levels.

Lunch. Enjoy a delicious lunch on the balcony overlooking the river. You have time to chat and connect, browse our wellness library, have a walk or take yourself off to a quiet corner for self-reflection and journaling.

Mindfulness and coping tools. A thought-provoking session with Life Coach Michelle Clarke, you will have the opportunity in a safe and supportive space to analyse which triggers cause you the most stress. Michelle will provide you with coping tools and mechanisms to start trying at home in time of heightened stress and anxiety.

Self-reflection – Time to take charge of your growth and healing, journaling can help with this as you process what you have learned and ask any questions. You will be provided plenty of space and opportunity to reflect through out the retreat. Experience has shown us that reflecting while you are still in this nurturing space provides the best benefits for our clients.

4.00 pm – We hand your phones back and say our farewells.

We are running this Wellness Day Retreat 3 times in January, choose either Friday 17th , Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th January 2020.

The January Wellness Day Retreat run from 9 am – 4.00 pm and includes a Relaxation Massage, a nutritious lunch, healthy morning tea and cleansing herbal teas throughout the day, a journal for self-reflection as well as your activities.




Dr Cheryl Krull 
Cheryl started her journey as a university lecturer and private music tutor with over 15 years teaching experience. She has since chosen a different path and qualified as a Hatha yoga teacher (300 hrs and Yoga Shred trained). She is also a kids yoga instructor (Kidding Around Yoga Certified and PREKAY certified). Cheryl’s classes aim to incorporate breathing and relaxation techniques alongside the physical yoga poses to help everyone with stress management in their busy everyday lives. 

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Restorative Reset with Yin Yoga
Stress Reducing Herbs - with Take Home Recipes
Tranquil Tea on the Deck - with Full China Service
Learn How to Solve Your Own Tension Headaches
Blissful Relaxation Massage Treatment Like You Have Never Experienced Before
Meditation Made So Easy You Will Want to Repeat at Home Again and Again
Mindset Work - with Take Home Tools You Will Use Again and Again
Explore the Five Acres of Land at Your Leisure and Re-Connect with Nature
Completly De-Stress and De-Frag - This is a Space Just For You
Access to Three Amazing Practitioners Throughout the Day

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What People Say About This Retreat

I loved the personal time for me, to really go deeper into things & thoughts as our lives are so busy, you don’t have this luxury usually. I really loved the yin yoga which I hadn’t tried before, I found that very insightful & beneficial. I loved my massage with Sophie & have made a future appointment with her which I am so looking forward to. I liked talking about the teas & being shown how easy it was to prepare these for myself at home afterwards! I liked talking about  & looking at different ways to manage stress, these tools will be well used.


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