Product Description

Powdered foundation pressed for your convenience and easy application.

These crushed mineral powders are pure, lightweight, and silky with great lasting coverage.  They do not block the pores and the pigments are both concentrated for great coverage and dispersed throughout the product for a clean, clear, and even application with a beautiful matte finish.  We have successfully used these powders as an overall foundation which prevents shine for oilier skins, for theater make up that holds up under the glare of the lights, on sensitive skins prone to blockages, and interestingly, as a mineral tan for the legs and arms for a special occasion – it does not rub off easily on fabrics.  You can achieve anything from a sheer to a full coverage with these powders depending on application – hint, start sheer and add layers for a deeper coverage.

There are a number of shades to choose from.  Very Light – suitable for very fair cool skin tones. Light – suitable for fair warm toned skins.  Medium – suitable for slightly tanned warm skin tones.  Tan – great for warm skin tones with a red base such as Indian skin tones.  Deep – suitable for very dark skins with a blue/cool base such as African skin tones.We know that it can be a challenge to choose a colour when buying online so please see the *notes below if you are not sure what skin tone you are.

Usage tips: Start with a clean, dry skin – this means you should cleanse, tone and moisturize (in that order) at least 5 minutes before applying this foundation.  If the skin is still dewy you might not get a smooth coverage as the pigments will grab onto any areas of moisture. Like wise, if you touch up your make up throughout the day, blot the skin first with a tissue before reapplying this powdered product.  This product has decent pigments so you should only sweep over the block several times and then tap your brush on the edge of something hard before application to ensure you don’t have too much product.  We suggest that you use a nice big fluffy rounded brush.  We recommend that you take off this make up with soft disposable bamboo cloths such as Diva Wipes.

*Wondering what a warm or cool skin tone means?  if you hold a pink fabric up to your face does it make you look brighter (healthy and glowing) or sallow (dull and yellow)? – if you look nice and bright then you have a cooler skin tone and will suit blue based colours such as pink, cool reds, blues, icy pastels.  If you hold a yellow or tan toned fabric up to your face and you look nice and bright then you are warm toned and will suit warm colours such as browns, oranges, yellows, greens, and bronze colours. If you look great with either pink or tanned toned fabrics, then you are lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone and can wear all colours.  If you are still unsure, here a great little clip on youtube which you might find helpful.  Click here to view skin tone video clip.

We ship all over NZ free of charge, but if you would like items sent overseas or have any questions please contact us at Puhoi Beauty & Spa.