We all have something that we absolutely adore doing, be it horse riding, gardening, squash or even gaming. Chances are, doing repetitive actions, or over using one set of muscles will cause some muscle imbalance at some stage and you can help to keep your muscles in great shape at home between your regular massage treatments… Watch this video to find out how click here.

You can purchase the home care set mentioned in the video now by clicking ‘Buy Now’, we will ship the product out to you within the week.  This kit includes:

1 x Small Foam Roller for use with wrists and lower arms – great for carpal tunnel relief.

100g Organic Muscle Ease Balm from Soultistic – with Tumeric & Arnica oil to reduce inflammation and promote restoration & regeneration of muscles, tendons, & bones.

1 x Massage Ball – to loosen knotted muscle fibers in difficult to reach locations such as between the shoulder blades.

Price includes postage anywhere in NZ. Please feel free to contact us at www.puhoibeauty.co.nz for information about use of these products.