Product Description

Blusher that provides you with a gentle healthy glow that is actually healthful.  This beautiful organic pressed blusher is made by Sabore, an organic NZ product company.  People are loving these organic make up products and we are sure you will too.  We test all products on ourselves and find that this blusher gives a good colour and spreads evenly.

There are two other things which we really love about this product: that it is super sized at … grams; and that it has a magnetic base which means that it can be inserted into Sabore’s reusable magnetic compact alongside your eye shadows and pressed foundation powders.

There are three colours to choose from: light (lightest shade suitable for warm skin tones); medium (a delicate pink shade suitable for those with paler skin and cooler skin tones on blondes or brunettes); rose (a darker rosier pink shade suitable for cooler skin tones or neutral skin tones). *See note below for tips on knowing which colours are best suited for you.  The product combines natural mineral pigments with organic jojoba oil to provide smooth and even colour to your checks that stays looking fresh all day without being flaky.   The pigments are evenly spread throughout the product and are demi-matte (not shiny at all but just slightly reflective) so you can be sure that you will look your best.

Usage tips: The pigments are really good, so sweep your brush gently over the blusher cake once only.  Tap your brush handle against the edge of something hard, this allows any heavier particles to fall off, and you will be left with the right amount of product to apply.  Remember you can always go back for a second sweep of blusher, but it is hard to remove too much product without spoiling the rest of your carefully applied make up.  We suggest that you use a medium sized brush, preferably one that is angled for accuracy, and not a rounded fluffy brush.  Start at the lowest point of your check bone (directly below the eye vertically, and usually half half way between the corner of the lip and the ear horizontally) and sweep up towards the temple – one sweep should do it, reload and re-tap the brush and repeat on the other side.

*Wondering what a warm or cool skin tone means?  if you hold a pink fabric up to your face does it make you look brighter (healthy and glowing) or sallow (dull and yellow)? – if you look nice and bright then you have a cooler skin tone and will suit blue based colours such as pink, cool reds, blues, icy pastels.  If you hold a yellow or tan toned fabric up to your face and you look nice and bright then you are warm toned and will suit warm colours such as browns, oranges, yellows, greens, and bronze colours. If you look great with either pink or tanned toned fabrics, then you are lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone and can wear all colours.  If you are still unsure, here a great little clip on youtube which you might find helpful.  Click here to view skin tone video clip.

Enjoy the rosy side of life now, click buy now and we will have this product on its way to you within 3 days.

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