Product Description

Mascara that works! Finally, a natural NZ mascara that actually feels nice to wear, goes on smoothly with no clumping or flaking, stays on without smudging, and is safe for sensitive eyes.

The product is made by Sabore, a NZ organic product company.  It is both certified organic and vegan friendly.  The product itself is light and creamy and feels good on the lashes.  It is safe to use, and even our most sensitive clients are enjoying this natural mascara.   It contains soothing and lash nourishing ingredients including: chamomile hydrosol; vitamin E; rosemary and thyme. The mascara stands up to moderate exercise without a panda eye emergency and yet washes off easily. We suggest removing this product (and all other make-up) with Diva Disposable Bamboo Wipes because they are gentle on the delicate eye area.

Usage advice: We have found that the brush separates the lashes well, and giving the brush a little ‘wriggle’ sideways back and forth as you pull it through the lashes, will help you to achieve the long lash look  that you are after. Please remember to store mascara out of direct sunlight in a standing position, this will keep your product fresh and keep the brush clean. You should always wipe excess mascara off the brush and back into the tube before applying mascara (you really don’t need much). If you find that the top of the tube gets clumpy, please remove excess with a tissue so that the lid will close securely and keep your product fresh.

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