Facials & Skin Enhancement Treatments

What If I Told You That You Can Turn Your Skin Around?

Experience a facial that will leave you so deeply relaxed you will have trouble forming a sentence (not kidding) and that will help you to achieve  the glowing smooth skin that you admire on everyone else.   We have helped countless people to love the skin that they are in and we can’t wait to help you too.  Book your treatment now and start your own journey to fantastic, glowing, firm skin.  Start Your Own Skin Transformation Journey – Book Now by Clicking Here.  Hear How Dani Thompson Transformed Her Skin – click the picture below to hear her story.

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Skin Enhancement Treatments

Facials & skin enhancement treatments can help us to look great. We do not have to put up with ageing or problematic skin.  Here at Puhoi Beauty & Spa we understand your concerns because we feel the same way… we want safe and natural solutions effective at getting results. We source natural skin treatments which help your skin be the best it can.  Our salon philosophy – to provide only those treatments which will enhance health and appearance and minimise harm. 

As well as the skin enhancement treatments found here, you will find a range of packages for common skin concerns on the Packages Page for issues such as: pigmentation; loss of elasticity; fine lines around the eyes and/or lips; uneven skin texture; scarring; ageing.

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Michelle is honestly fantastic.
She takes the time to explain what she’s doing, and she is easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease. The booking and reminder system is flawless too which makes it easy to arrange.
Definitely would go again, and recommend.
Julie King
Michelle, you are seriously amazing. I feel so much better for having seen you today! You are super clever and really look after your clients and go the extra mile. My skin feels amazing and I’m so relaxed. Exactly what I needed 😘😘😘😘
Andrea McDonald
Michelle is so amazing. Seriously changed my life lol. My skin feels the best it’s ever felt, I’m so relaxed after I’ve been to see her and she goes the extra mile to make you feel better inside and out. What a super star. Thanks Michelle can’t wait til my next appointment!
Danni Thompson
This is my second visit to Michelle and normally when you go to a new place you don’t always feel comfortable but after my first visit I felt just that. Michelle you are amazing and so happy to have found you.
Emma Sweetman