Platinum Facial Treatment 3 Hours- $299


The Platinum Facial Treatment is like nothing else you have ever received

For the ultimate in luxury experiences, this facial wins hands down. 3 hours of pure indulgence will restore your body, soul, mind, and your skin. With  each and every 30+ components of this facial designed with your sensory experience in mind, you are sure to leave this treatment in an altered state.  Every aspect of your well-being is catered to, from the heavenly scented heated towel when you arrive, to specialized cyrosphere therapy, ancient Chinese healing modalities  & holistic health ritual with infra-red sauna red treatment to finish.

There is much to look forward to in this treatment but one of the most exciting aspects is the Secret Menu. The Secret Menu changes regularly so you never know just what additional delectable treatments you will be offered free of charge during your already amazing 3 hour facial.

Can’t imagine how a facial could possibly take 3 hours? Let us set the scene for you: When you arrive at the tranquil location you instantly feel yourself start to decompress, and when you enter the candle lit salon and are handed a lavender & tangerine hot towel the last of your worries disappear.  After slipping into a luxurious silk robe your feet are treated to a warm rosemary soak and skin treatment while you sip on a specially blended calming tea and tell your therapist what your skin priorities are and which pressing body & life issues you would like to address during the Settling the Soul Section of the treatment.  After being tucked into a warmed fluffy nest, special volcanic rocks and energy gems are placed on and around your body and your treatment begins with a bespoke blend of essential oils and aromapressure facial trigger point massage.

There are eight delightful sections in the Platinum Facial Treatment:

New Beginnings Section which includes foot soak, consultation, chakra balancing, pressure point facial massage & skin analysis.

Sowing the Seeds Section which includes double cleanse, tone, & our famous power clean trio.

Peeling Back the Layers Section which includes deep exfoliation, enzyme peel, & steam treatment.

Settling the Soul Section which includes a variety of holistic methods to restore aching muscles, reinvigorate energy levels, clear mental clutter, manifest deep healing & release old patterning to restore calm.

Deeply Detoxing Section which includes drawing clay masks, Chinese meridian clearing, & lymphatic drainage massage.

Heavenly Hydration Section which includes super serum actives, specialized collagen electro-therapy, & infra-red light therapy.

Sweet Dreams Section which includes shoulder, chest, face, head massage with hand selected botanical extracts to suit your needs.

Resurrection Section which includes re-oxygenation treatment, cyrosphere therapy, infra-red therapy sauna treatment and holistic health ritual.

Invest in yourself, snatch back your confidence and take charge of your well-being now.  In the very wise words of one of our clients “I am so pleased that I took the time to care for myself, the results are amazing. We are always putting ourselves last! My time with you is always something I look forward to so much.  I put it on the Calendar and literally can’t wait! We need to learn to schedule ourselves in the way we schedule everything and everyone else in!” Dani Thompson

This facial helps me to keep on top of my skin, it is different every time because it is customized to my skins needs on the day. I would definitely recommend this treatment. Danni Thompson
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