Cellulite Busting Routine
Ok ladies, someone asked for help with cellulite. I’m not saying you will get rid of it completely, but THERE ARE things that you can do at home to keep it to a minimum. Please see the simple steps below and a really effective home made product for cellulite.
Cellulite is caused by toxins.  Many water soluble toxins are flushed out of your body daily through sweating and urine, however when your body becomes overloaded with water soluble toxins or has to process toxins which it has no idea how to deal with (think carbon monoxide) it deals with them the only way it knows how… it traps the toxins in fat to immobilize them.  Toxins which are accumulated in this way in our bodies are surrounded by fat cells which are in turn surrounded by fluid because your body is trying to ‘flush out’ the toxins with the fluid. Ta Dah, you now have dimply skin!   We need to get circulation to those areas of cellulite so your lymphatic system can take away the excess water and start to work on getting rid of the toxins. Once the water and toxins are gone you will have smoother skin, and then we can start on burning the fat. Please note, your body will NOT let you burn off the fat with water and toxins trapped in the area, your body thinks is being very kind to you and has trapped the toxins with the fat for your own protection (thanks body!).
Try this simple daily routine, it will only add 10 minutes to your day, and you will be seeing smoother less dimply skin in a few weeks.  Follow these steps in this order EVERY DAY:
1. Get a flannel or loofah mit/strap and rub vigorously over the cellulite area(s) on dry skin for around 3 minutes- it should not hurt but you will feel the friction and a burning sensation as blood rushes to the area. 
2. Immediately jump into a nice hot shower.
3. Immediately after your shower, dry off quickly and perform cupping on your thighs until they are bright red – this usually takes around 3 minutes. Being bright red means you have managed to get lots of blood to the area, so when you complete the next step your body will absorb the product quickly and you will get maximum toxin removal.  Cupping can be tricky to master at first, if you do it wrong it can feel and sound like slapping – slapping will NOT get the same results.  If you live locally, pop in and will show you how to perform cupping properly, if you do live locally then view this link for a demonstration DEMO
4. Immediately after the cupping, apply 1 teaspoon of your superb home made anti-cellulite product in vigorous circles (recipe below).
Anti- Cellulite Product Recipe
3 tablespoons of chopped ginger.
3 tablespoons of chopped fresh rosemary.
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric.
1 cup of olive oil.
Mix all ingredients into a glass jar, put the jar in a sunny spot for 2 weeks, strain and re-bottle the oil into a clean jar or container.
I would love to see everyone’s before and after photos, are you up for the challenge?