Stress-Less Day Retreats

What is a Day Retreat?

A safe space for you to restore your sense of self, learn how to relax and how to stress-less in everyday life.

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Gentle yin exercise and mindfulness suitable for everyone, which you can continue at home.

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Complete restoration: massage; herbs; meditation; workshops; life coaching; and more

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Next Dates: 27th, 28th, 29th March

What to Expect


A Space to Unwind & Restore Your Soul

Puhoi Beauty & Spa while only 5 minutes from SH1 is a tranquil paradise set on 5 lush acres surrounded by native bush, a meandering stream and very little ease.  The location is often described as mesmerizing. We often have clients say that just being here strips away their stress and tension immediately, and perhaps this is part of the reason why our participants leave our retreats feeling like they have had a weeks holiday.


Gentle Restorative Yin Practices

Yin is a term used to describe an energy of quietening or a passive energy. We need a balance of both yin and yang energies in our lives, yet our daily lives tend to leave us with too much yang energy leading to stress and anxiety, leaving us wired and tried, and not sure how to relax and find our centre again.  There are many yin practices, and we use a wide variety here on the retreat, but all are low key, and can be undertaken by anyone of any fitness level. Classes vary depending on the theme of the retreat and might include Qi Gong, Yin Body, Forest Bathing, Nature Emersion, Meditation, Stretch & Peace, Roll & Release, Breathe Work.


Wellness Wisdom

We love sharing our knowledge with you, and our clients often say that they are suprised by the number of easily useable tools and wisdom they gain from the retreats which they can take back into their homes to improve the quality of their lives, and their families – in fact many continue to email us months later. The topics covered will support the theme of the retreat but some of the favourites are: Gut Health, Releasing Tension Headaches, Balancing Hormones; Taking Charge of Your Health; Herbs and Your Health; Myofascial Release at Home; Managing Stress Naturally; Routines which Support Healthful Living; Creating Calm in your Life; Mental Health.


Nourishing Rituals

We aim to show you how you can nourish both your soul and body at home in a stress-less and easily implemented way. With 30 years experience in helping women to lead stress-less lives we have worked out what works and how to make those processes even cheatier (definitely a word) so that those rituals support your calm instead of adding to the mayhem of ‘things to be done’. Depending on the theme of the retreat these rituals change frequently but may include: making your own herbal teas, quick emotion re-sets, fast and fabulously nourishing treats such as green smoothies, komucha, fermented foods, keffir, homemade power hummus, seed crackers, chai teas, hydration sippers, kawakawa pesto, bliss balls, and so much more.  We are delighted to be your guides on your journey to wellness in a manageable way. And, we feed you really well, you will find lots of nourishing and yummy treats here, you don’t need to bring a thing.


Lightness & Laughter

Our participants tell us that they love the connection with other like minded women, and report that it makes them feel so much lighter and connected. It takes no more than 10 seconds to feel at home here, we ensure we set you up for success and a peaceful day right from the start with a relaxing herbal tea and the day unfolds from there. We only take small groups so that we can really spoil you while you are here, you are litterally our only priority on the day. Lunch is prepared for you unless we specifically want to show you how to make something that you can replicate at home and is taken on the balcony looking straight into the bush.  You have time to connect with other like-minded people during lunch, belly laugh away the stress of the week, or choose a quiet spot to do some thinking, journalling or reading.  


Deep Relaxation

The whole day is designed to help you relax deeply without you even knowing about it. You won’t be floating around saying ohmm (unless you really want to) but you will learn real techniques that really work that you will find yourself using over and over again. We show you how to meditate (gasp) but the easy way, it really does not have to be complex, boring, or time consuming – we promise! The meditation section is altered according to the needs of the group on the day and will always leave you feeling empowered, refreshed and restored, and in charge of your wellbeing.  You will learn many techniques that you can take away with you to use in dialy life but some of our clients favourites are: breath work, visulization, body flow, energy well, protective flow.


Mindset Work & Life Coaching

Whether you have tried life coaching before or have always wondered what it is, this section of the day never fails to blow people away. Some tell us that it is like the veil has been lifted and they can see clearly the path forward, and others are surprised by easily a situation can be solved with a little clarity and few snazzy tips and tools of the trade.   By the time you get to this part of the day you will feel so well supported by your new found tribe you won’t be shy at all.  We tailor this part of the day specifically to you, we won’t let you leave without a clear plan – we got you!  In fact, you have the opportunity to book a free one on one wellness chat with either Sophie or Michelle during the day if you don’t mind missing out on one of the many things on offer.  The mindset work rounds off the day leaving you feeling on top of the world and in charge of your own wellness.  There are many techniques that will be shared with you which will help you to live a live a life that you are in love with.

Next Dates: 27th, 28th, 29th March

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A Retreat on Your Own Doorstep

Complete rest, restoration and relaxation is closer to home than you think. 

“I was surprised that I felt as relaxed after one day retreat at Puhoi Beauty & Spa as I did after a week long overseas retreat” – Kylie, Auckalnd

Meet the Retreat Practitioners 

Sophie Wood Health Therapist

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Robyn Charleton Medical Doctor

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Michelle Clarke Life Coach

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What time do the retreats start?

Unless otherwise stated the retreats start at 9 am, however, you may have a treatment booked before the retreat activities begin.

How long are the retreats?

The retreats start at 9am and finish by 4pm.

Do I have to do all of the retreat activities?

You do not have to participate in anything that you do not wish to. If you would rather take time out to relax there is 5 acres for you to explore and find a shady spot to read, journal or even nap if you feel so inclined.

Can I bring my children?

The retreats are not a suitable environment for children.

What about if I am not local, is there accommodation?

Yes, just up the road is a fabulous place to stay, spa pool, close to iconic Puhoi Pub and Tea Rooms, beautiful grounds, fully furnished self contained cottage nestled in the bush, and wonderful hosts.  If you are from out of Auckland and wish to stay in the area please contact us directly for a list of wonderful places to stay.

Can I book with a friend or my daughter?

You sure can, these days are designed with your harmony in mind. We encourage you to share your Day Retreat with other people who make you feel wonderful, and these days are a great way to spend quality time with the people you love the most.  No children under 16 permitted for tranquility purposes 😉


What do I need to bring?

We suggest that you bring sunscreen and a hat if you wish to explore the property.  You might also wish to bring a book to read for the relaxtion periods, however, we generally set a journalling task for these times (and provide the journals and pens) but if you choose not to engage in the mindset work you may wish to read. 

Will I be able to do the yoga and other physical activities?

All physcial activites are suitable for all people. Yin Yoga is very gentle and props are used by the practitioners to ensure your comfort. No exerpience with yoga is needed.

What about if I have health concerns?

All participants fill in a form stating they are fit and healthy and of sound mind. If you do have health concerns or mental health concerns you will need to speak to us directly before booking yourself onto a retreat.  

Are food and drinks provided?

Morning tea and lunch are provided and fresh alkaline water, herbal teas, and sparkling water are provided through out the day. We are here to make your day blissful and will do whatever we can to ensure that you have a wonderul experience.

Is there phone coverage?

There is patchy phone coverage in this area but phones are not permitted to be turned on at the retreat.  The retreats are a rare opportunity for you to turn off completley.  If you really need to be contactable then you can give out the retreats number which is 021 137 2757.

How many people will be on the retreat?

There will be a maximum of 6 people on the retreat. We purposefully keep the groups very intimate so that you can have the best possible experience. Many people choose to book out the retreat day for just them and their friends, and you are welcome to do this too. 

Can I make a group booking?

You can book out a retreat day for you and your friends, and the retreats can be customized to your specific needs. If you wish to discuss options please phone Michelle directly on 021 1372757.  Some comon group bookings include: significant birthdays; hens parties; work dos; girls weekends; family reunions.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

The retreats like any event cannot be cancelled once purchased. However we do want what is best for you, and if we can fill your spot we will do so and refund your money. You might also choose to let someone else that you love enjoy your experience instead.

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What people say about the Day Retreats

I loved the personal time for me, to really go deeper into things & thoughts as our lives are so busy, you don’t have this luxury usually. I really loved the yin yoga which I hadn’t tried before, I found that very insightful & beneficial. I loved my massage with Sophie & have made a future appointment with her which I am so looking forward to. I liked talking about the teas & being shown how easy it was to prepare these for myself at home afterwards! I liked talking about  & looking at different ways to manage stress, these tools will be well used.


The mindset work was an amazing bounus!! not having done anything like this before I am now realy pumped to explore this more! the day was so lovely & relaxing and to finish with the mindset work sent me home feeling relaxed, energized and feeling really positive 🙏❤


Over exceeded expectation, friendly and professional. Loved the level of expertise of the 3 presenters but always delivered in an easy to understand language. Came away with life tools, a better understanding of triggers, feeling blessed out and very calm. Plus loved all the attention to detail and a chance to connect with other women in a safe space.


‘What else are people saying?

The day was fantastic & I got way more out of it than I’d expected.

It delivered and more. I think giving people tools they can take away with them is gold and also being focused on a theme is great.

There were things on offer that allowed us to manage our own wellness, & tools to help with growth or change for ourselves.

It was incredibly relaxing. I like how informative it was & that I came away with tools & info that I can use, and an introduction into new areas that I hadn’t know about.

The setting and environment, being amount beautiful things, China, journals, slippers, fairy lights, all delightful.

I didnt expect to feel so refreshed, calm & inspired.

I definitely feel like it would be so beneficial to all women to do this on a regular basis as you would get something out of it each time even if you feel like you know what to expect or you dont need to explore these types of things again (yoga or talking about stress or herbs).

I liked that by giving myself the time to nourish myself, I then allowed myself to transform a bit in a safe environment with other like minded ladies.

The retreat felt very intimate and safe.

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