Do you even bother to check in with how you feel?

I know that sometimes I can be racing through a day, and then all of sudden I am in a heap on the floor crying and I think “oh, how did I get here?”.

But the reality is that there were lots of little clues along along the way.

* The feeling of annoyance when I got cut off that morning

* The Feeling of overwhelm when I opened my emails and there were 98 messages

* The hunger I ignored 3 hours ago

The truth is, we often don’t stop to consider how we are feeling, and then before we know it, we are not in control of how we are feeling. If we take regular quiet time we can learn more about our selves and keep ourselves on track. This can be as easy as detaching from all devices and people for 5 minutes at breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea to check in with how we are actually feeling.

Once you know how you are feeling, then you can take preventative action. Busy lives and unchecked feelings are a recipe for overwhelm and toy throwing. To have a more balanced life and to avoid anxiety and overwhelm learn to check in with yourself regularly.

On a recent Day Retreat at Puhoi Beauty & Spa we shared over 10 tools that you can use at the drop of hat to deal with anxiety and overwhelm. Here is one that you can try out at home.



If you would like to find out more about our Day Retreats you can have a sneak peek here.

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