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Don’t put up with pain.  You can overcome muscle tension, long-held patterns of dysfunction, and return to the things you love doing, be it gardening, playing soccer, or mountain biking. 

We can help you to:

* Relieve neck tension

* Realign posture

* Resolve long-held pain patterns

* Counteract muscle compensation patterns from old injuries

Our message to you is that you don’t need to live with pain, and you should not – pain is your body’s signal that something is not right. 

All treatments at Puhoi Beauty & Spa are performed by qualified professionals with years of hands-on experience.  You will love the tranquil atmosphere, the many massage modalities on offer, and the spa flourishes to treatments ending with home care advice, alkaline water, chocolate, and herbal tea.  

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Meet Sophie

Sophie was born to be a massage therapist, she is dedicated to taking her clients on a health journey to restore full functionality
to muscles and get her clients back to doing the things they love the most. She achieves the outstanding results that her clients rave about by doing real muscle work that gets real results and yet leaves her clients in a relaxed state, feeling like everything is ok in the world. She was trained by the best including the massage therapist for the breakers and the tall blacks and packs
more than 11 modalities in her health toolkit.  You have to experience a massage with Sophie to fully understand just how amazing they are.

Sophie specializes in sports massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and can work out a dysfunctional pattern like no body else.  This knack for knowing just what will work, combined with her caring and supportive nature make her like no other massage therapist you will come across, you really do need to try a treatment with her to understand.  She also happens to be specially trained in pregnancy massage and can perform relaxation massages that are out of this world.

Find out exactly how massage treatments are different at Puhoi Beauty & Spa and why they really work

More than just a Massage.

If you found a knot in your hair, you’d probably sort it out right away, leaving it would only mean it that it would get worse and eventually end up in a horrible dreadlock. So why don’t we take the same action when we find a knot in our muscles.   I’m a fine one to talk, I’ve worked on a computer nearly every day of my adult life and largely ignored the aching shoulders, the crunchy neck tendons and the stabbing headaches. That was until recently when the white-hot pain that was shooting across my left shoulder became too unbearable to continue ignoring.

I’d heard that Michelle from Puhoi Beauty was great at Massage, but I had my doubts, for me massage is a pamper treat you have on a holiday or on a day out with the girls. I was sceptical that a massage could really sort out my shoulder pain. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Yes Michelle’s treatment room looks like one that you’d find in a spa and the soothing music adds to the ambience, but my first sessions with Michelle started with a conversation about my posture and my anatomy. Michelle had me doing arm and shoulder rotations and immediately told me that we wouldn’t be doing any deep tissue massage until she had worked on some  myoffascial release. Michelle said “Think about the chicken you are going to roast for Sunday dinner, the connective tissue between the chicken skin and the meat is the Fascia”. It seems after years at a keyboard the Fascia around my left shoulder had toughened up, restricting blood flow and resulting in pain. Michelle got to work on loosening up the Fascia for a good 20mins, only then did she start to work on the deeper muscles under the shoulder blade and in the neck area. This wasn’t a painful session but I left feeling like I’d had a full on work out. The following  week I implemented the homework Michelle had given me, raising my screen, sitting correctly, taking breaks. There was less pain and my shoulder felt freer, and a lot less crunchy.

However, I was hooked on the anatomy and was concerned about the long term damage I might have done. Michelle had been very clear that knotted muscles wouldn’t release themselves. If left untreated the body will compensate, overusing another set of muscles to protect those that are damaged. The damaged muscles will harden, restricting blood flow and building up toxins, ultimately manifesting in health issues such as headaches, restless sleep patterns, sluggish energy, digestion problems, the list is endless.

So back I went to Michelle and asked her to do some more work on my shoulder and to look at releasing any toxins that might have built up over the years. She suggested, electronic acupuncture, Gua sha and Cupping. I’ve never been one for Chinese Medicine, but Michelle explained things in simple terms and related everything back to my anatomy and what each procedure was designed to do.  She started by placing an electronic acupuncture machine on my ankle and explained that the light pulsing sensation would work on my meridian lines.  The first lot of cups were placed on my stomach. The idea being that Michelle wanted to test my overall wellness before we moved onto my shoulder. I’m not going to lie having the cups placed on your stomach is an odd sensation, not painful but a strange tightening sensation as the skin is sucked up into the cups. 10 mins later I was delighted to be told that I was indeed a healthy specimen, the circle marks on my stomach were minimal and immediately started to fade. So over I went and Michelle prepared to start on my left shoulder. She began with Gua Sha, a light scraping, with an implement that looks a little like a surfers wax comb, the idea is to stimulate blood flow. Immediately the shoulder started to darken. Michelle placed 3 cups on the area, there was no pain at all but the skin reddened and looked bruised straight away. The idea of the cups is to draw stagnant blood, energy and toxins away from the damaged muscles. Unlike my stomach, when the cups were removed, my shoulder featured deep purple circles, (these fade within 2 – 3 days) indicating that there was a lot of toxins and stagnant blood.

My shoulder is a work in progress. I’ve spent years ignoring the knotted muscles and now Michelle has one hell of a dreadlock to untangle. The Myoffascial release was the start, the cups and Gua Sha, released the toxins and established better blood flow and I’ll continue to see Michelle for some deep tissue massage. Already I have seen great improvements, the pain is less, the movement in my shoulders is more and my understanding of how my body works and how I should be treating it has vastly improved.

Michelle offers so much more than a Massage, this goes way beyond a spa pamper session, Michelle is a mechanic for the body, she’s in the business of fixing things. If like me you’ve neglected muscle issues, ignored aches and pains and forgotten old injuries, then now is the time to act. The muscles wont heal themselves and will cause further problems as you go through life, in all sorts of ways. Let  Michelle take a look, enjoy learning about your anatomy and be open to the suggestions on how she can help. You’ll be amazed at the results she can achieve for you.

Find out WHY massages are so important for your health

Treatment Menu

This treatment is a targeted treatment, for those who have limited time. A range of techniques will be employed to achieve targeted results on a chosen area of your body.   Chose this treatment if you have one area of concern to address or if you need a quick relaxation session.

Treatment will take 20 minutes, but please allow 30 minutes for appointment time.


Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massage

A relaxing treatment for those needing to release built-up tension, in this area known for holding stress. Using beautifully blended essential oils and gently kneading away the tension from the muscles, you´ll wish the massage would never end.  Book this treatment if you need to relax and unwind.

Treatment will take 35 minutes, but please allow 45 minutes for appointment time


Re-Balance Massage

Here we will reset your body’s equilibrium using a range of massage techniques depending on your individual needs. After this treatment, you will leave feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed and ready to enjoy the world.   Book this treatment if you have one or two areas of concern to address.

Treatment will take 50 minutes, but please allow 60 minutes for appointment time


Full Body Restoration Massage

This thorough treatment is for those requiring targeted work and is designed to focus on the tight and sore areas of your body, and work out the knots using a variety of different techniques. This treatment might involve myofascial release and/or neurokinetic therapy to address initial dysfunction, and then will likely move on to releasing knots and mobilizing joints.   Or for those wanting to deeply relax, this treatment can involve the use of hot stones and bespoke blended aromatherapy oils.  Tell us exactly what you need and this treatment will be tailored to your individual needs. Book this treatment if you have several areas of concern, or if you want to experience the most deluxe relaxation massage available.

Treatment will take 80 minutes, but please allow 90 minutes for appointment time


Types of Techniques Used During Massage Treatments

Modalities of massage used at Puhoi Beauty & Spa include: 




Myofascial Release


Neurokinetic Therapy


Hot Stone Massage


Maori Romi Romi


Thai Massage


Trigger Point Therapy


Sports Massage


Deep Tissue Massage


Swedish Remedial Massage





All clients are required to fill in an online Health Form for which you will be sent a link in your appointment reminder message, however please inform your massage therapist of any medications, heart issues, relevant medical issues, any allergies or injuries when you arrive for your massage treatment.

If you are unsure of which massage to book we recommend that you start with a Body Restoration Massage, this will allow time for a full treatment plan to be formulated and carried out. 

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage employs the use of essential oils to promote healing and well-being.  Essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants and contain all the healing properties of the plants.  During aromatherapy massage, your practitioner will select and blend various essential oils depending on your particular needs on the day of your massage to create a synergistic blend of up to three essential oils which are then added to a carrier oil.

As the oil blend is massaged into the skin blood circulation around the body increases allowing the oils to be absorbed through the skin and carried to all the major body organs. The effects of an aromatherapy massage can last up to 48 hours, depending on the oils used. After an aromatherapy massage the oils are left on the skin and the overall effect is one of deep calm and relaxation.

Chinese Cupping & Gua Sha Massage

This technique is used to draw toxins trapped in sore muscles towards the skins surface for release.  It reduces pain in the muscles and improves functioning of organs in the area. It is said to increase blood flow, boost health and improve sleep and energy levels. 

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a plastic ‘cup’ is suctioned onto the body, creating a partial vacuum. This technique releases stagnation, which in turn stimulates the movement of new blood and qi to the area. While cupping is painless, it may leave temporary discoloration marks that resemble bruising, but that do not hurt. These marks typically fade within a day or two. Most people describe a “weight lifted off their shoulders” immediately following a session of cupping.

Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique offers a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain. Gua sha removes stagnant energy, called chi, in the body that may be responsible for inflammation. Inflammation is the underlying cause of several conditions associated with chronic pain. Rubbing the skin’s surface breaks up this energy, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing of the soft tissues.  It can leave marks on the skin which fade over a few days.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses special volcanic stones which are heated to an optimal temperature.  The stones are placed on specific energy points of the body to induce a deep relaxation and are also rubbed over oiled skin to promote improved blood circulation, reduce pain, increase mobility in joints, and to ease muscle tension.  The direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist access deeper muscle layers.

Benefits of this treatment include:


Provides relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions


Decreases pain and muscle spasms


Reduces chronic stress and tension


Increases flexibility in joints, aiding in easier mobility and movement


Relieves pain and tension created by strained and contracted muscles

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a treatment used to release unexplained tightness in any area of the body.  It has been used to successfully treat patterns of pain and stiffness that do not respond to other treatment modalities.  The fascia is a net-like system that supports and intertwines with muscles and bones. Working on one area my release tension in another area.  The treatment employs long stretching strokes at varying levels of depth, to gently release the fibers of the myofascia.

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. The health of the myofascial tissue dictates the time it takes to work in any area.  Trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create Myofascial restrictions that can produce tensile pressures of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures that do not show up in many of the standard tests (x-rays, myelograms, CAT scans, electromyography, etc.)

Neurokinetic Therapy

This is a sophisticated form of manual therapy, that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing to correct movement dysfunction and address the cause of pain by removing dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain. 

Michelle Clarke is the only NKT trained practitioner on the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney area. To find out more about this complex modality visit the NKT website

Sports Massage

This treatment modality is designed to prevent and aid in injury recovery. It will improve flexibility, enhance your athletic performance and help you to recover from strenuous exercise. This massage is good for non-athletes as it helps any muscle pain and restricted range of motion.

Swedish Remedial Massage

Swedish massage therapy is the modality that comes to mind when most people think about massage. As the best-known type of bodywork performed today, one of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. But Swedish massage therapy goes beyond relaxation. Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

A study conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and published in The New York Times, found that volunteers who received a 45-minute Swedish massage experienced significant decreases in levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as arginine vasopressin-a hormone that can lead to increases in cortisol. Volunteers also had increases in the number of lymphocytes, white blood cells that are part of the immune system, and a boost in the immune cells that may help fight colds and the flu.

Maori RomiRomi Massage

Romiromi massage is a holistic practice which works in the spiritual dimension connecting and balancing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  It involves rhythmic movements designed to move blocked energy on any level which is creating imbalance in the body.  During your Romiromi treatment a physical alignment and removal of blocked energy at a cellular level creates more space and freedom in your body. Stimulation of pressure-points and deep tissue massage, removes toxic waste and synchronises the body matrix – the central nervous system, the lymphatics, the cardio vascular and endocrine systems with the auric and etheric outer bodies. Romiromi massage also balances male and female energies and most importantly balances the mauri (life force or life priciple) with the wairua (spirit).

Romiromi is a way of letting the body release anything that is not serving you or not belonging to you. This extraneous energy can sometimes be held in the DNA or be an accumulation of stored emotions; trauma in this lifetime. Romiromi is a way of releasing to get more mobility, vitality and presence!

After a Romiromi massage treatment, people generally feel lighter as they have returned closer to their original vibration. The spiritual energies are able to flow through the body invigorating, nourishing and protecting the internal organs and body systems.


Pulsing is a form of bodywork which uses movement to assist the release of tension in the body – be it physical, mental or emotional. This rhythmic and dynamic form of bodywork allows the client to increase the sensitivity to their body and to simply let go.  Unlike more traditional forms of massage where-by muscle/soft tissue tension is released through direct manipulation – Pulsing works more on the skeletal system, improving mobility and range of movement, and a by-product of that movement is often soft-tissue tension is released as well.

At times limbs maybe stretched, bounced, lifted, shaken or rotated to encourage increased mobility.  Many people often hold deep-seated tension in their neck and shoulders, and whilst working on these areas the client is encouraged to relax into the movement, breathe deeply, and connect with their body’s natural rhythms.    It is a nurturing, blissful and liberating form of bodywork – with the client engaging in ‘the process’ more and more with each session as they are able to go with the flow and trust the process. Few others forms of bodywork leave the receiver with such a feeling of profound relaxation and invigoration.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and or swelling.  In addition, massage for pregnant women reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages blood and lymph circulation, helps to relax nervous tension and can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes.  

Some of the benefits of pregnancy massage include:


Headaches can be relieved by massage focusing on the head, neck and shoulders. In addition, maintaining optimal levels of stress relief through massage reduces the chances of migraines or tension headaches by relaxing trigger points and muscle spasms.


Muscle tension created by carrying the extra weight of a baby can be relieved by encouraging blood flow to the afflicted areas. This provides more nutrient-rich oxygen and also increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, which sweeps away toxins and metabolic waste.


Fatigue, backaches, leg cramps and swelling/edema can all be relieved through various types of massage for pregnant women.


The ordinary aches and pains of pregnancy are countered by the release of serotonin, your body’s natural anti-pain chemical, which is stimulated by massage.

What people say about the treatments

Simply amazing Michelle Clarke!!! Can’t thank you enough. You are truly talented, have the most incredible healing hands !!! I can breathe now !! ? see you again soon !!! We are all so lucky that Puhoi Beauty is in our community!


The most incredible massage I have ever had. Michelle is amazing she knew exactly what my problems were and was very direct in how we tackle it. I feel so grateful that I have found someone who I have complete faith in and feel completely comfortable with. Michelle I can’t thank you enough.

Michelle Russell

Michelle from Puhoi Beauty is like a mechanic for the body and in the business of fixing things. If like me you spend your working day on a computer and suffer from tight shoulders and neck issues then book in and see Michelle Clarke. You’ll learn all about your muscle groups and posture, she may make you your eyes water a little, but Michelle will get to the heart of the problem and you’ll leave wondering why you didn’t get things sorted out earlier

Nikki Canfeild

I had a full body hot stone massage with Michelle and it was amazing! Before I went I had been experiencing severe back and leg pain but within hours of having the massage my whole body was relaxed and pain free. I really enjoyed the heat from the hot stones as I could feel all my aching muscles relaxing. The scalp massage and the deep tissue back massage were my favourite part. Before I went to Michelle I was really nervous as I haven’t had a professional massage before but I had nothing to worry about. Michelle was very friendly and welcoming and so I felt at ease immediately. I was surprised at how much better I felt after the massage, so calm and relaxed and no pain. I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone as she provides exceptional service and a high quality experience. I would recommend Michelle and Puhoi Beauty to everyone.

Kim Vickers

Puhoi beauty is my new found go to?? just had the most amazing massage? Michelle is incredible honestly everyone needs to have a massage from her. She knew exactly how to help me and although she put me through a bit of ouchee ?? I feel so much better. Round 2 Monday and can’t wait??.


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