We all want our skins to age well right?

There is a cute saying that goes like this:The skin you have up until the age of 25 is the skin that you inherited through genetics, the skin you have after 25 is the skin that you created.

This is true in my experience. The following checklist comes from years of experience and is what women with great looking skin do without fail. So check out the list below and see how well you are doing.

1. You take your make-up off every night without fail

2.  You use a cleanser with some form of AHA or BHA in it

3. You double cleanse because the first cleanse gets rid of the dirt and the second cleanse actually cleans the skin

4. You have a facial once a month to get a deep exfoliation like you cannot get anywhere else

5. You wear sunscreen everyday, and reapply that at morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, even in the water

6. You sleep on your back or use a silk pillowcase

7. You use a cosmecutcal strength vitamin C and Retinal product

How do I know these things will keep your skin looking great?

I am now well over 25 myself and have had the benefit of seeing skins at many stages of life, in many conditions, and have gained much inside knowledge.



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