Yesterday I had a Reiki Session with Reiki Master Melody Bird.

I held no expectations of the treatment nor did I go into the treatment with any real intention for the session. I wanted to just ‘see what came up’.  Was this intentional as a test? Maybe, I have not examined that thought too deeply, but I CAN tell you this… the treatment simply blew me away.

I have had many treatments over my life, including Reiki and all sorts of energy healing, but this treatment just blew my mind. Literally.  I am actually having a hard time even recalling the session to tell you about it because I went so deeply into my soul that I was not even really here on this plane.  Now I can be quite skeptical about ‘healing experiences’ – being a Massage Therapist based in evidence based practice I like to be able to think my way through what I find, and explain the results. I am just going to have to let this slide in this case, because I really cannot tell you. So instead, I will tell you what I can remember and we will just have to accept the reason for the healing as being what it is, simply a healing.

The treatment was performed at Puhoi Beauty & Spa by Melody Bird with the assistance of her rescue dog Chilli.  I just have to take a moment here to tell you about Chilli. She is just gorgeous, she REALLY takes her role in the treatment seriously. I know this dog reasonably well as she visits my salon so she is usually very friendly with me.  When the treatment began, she was ‘all business’ and it cracked me up so much. I was not permitted to touch her, when I tried she gave me a ‘come on now Michelle, concentrate will you, can’t you see I am working here’ face.  So after I had finished sniggering she lay down on one of my legs, like really intentionally.  It looked like a very uncomfortable position for her, but when the treatment began I understood why she was there.

The minute that Melody started the treatment (by laying her hands over my ears and holding my head gently) that leg got shooting sharp pains.  My mind really wanted to ‘examine’ why that was happening… what did the leg represent energetically? had I hurt it? had I noticed any pain there this week? but my mind simply would not play along, my thoughts were so fragmented because … and this sounds weird… it felt like my soul, my guides, my consciousness maybe? was actually WITH Melody.  That is my body, soul, or whatever the hell was being healed was off some place else, a place that I my thoughts could not penetrate. I spent much of the session trying to think but drifting back into the serene place of healing that Melody held me in.  It was bizarre, dream like, peaceful, all encompassing but not pressing.  Hmm, this is tricky to explain, that is as about as close as I can get to a description for you all. You really do need to experience it for yourself.

The session continued for what felt like a long time without time measurement, and numerous body parts had their turn at being hot, sharp, tingling, and then ultimately, healed.  An area that was feeling the healing kind of went light and airy after Melody moved onto another area. I had quite a bad headache before our session, and it has not come back since.  This headache was something that I had not been able to resolve – frustratingly because usually I can manipulate my muscles to ease any tension headache, but this one had me in its grip for 3 days before the Reiki session. But the healing was so much greater than relief from a torturous headache.  During the session I got lots of flashes to past situations which used to often ‘pop up’ for examination but I never seemed to be able to resolve them. I had no idea that this Reiki session would also work on old b#@s**t programming too, but it sure did. And man did it fire through and resolve those effortlessly.  It would have taken me 6 years of journaling to get there lol.

The session also healed physical parts that had been feeling heavy.  Actually here is a thought for you… I believe that injuries manifest in our energy field long before we even sense them let alone develop a ‘sore point’ – perhaps Reiki is able to heal these blockages before they even manifest? That kind of makes sense to me.  But the best result of the session for me was that I was gained a deep deep sense of peace. I am not just talking about turning off the mental chatter, I am not talking about the peace you get from a 3 week holiday, I am not talking about the tranquil state you get in by spending hours alone, I am not even talking about the space of bliss that you can obtain from meditation. I am talking about transcendental transformational high vibration peace. There are not really words to describe it adequately, but this feeling has stuck with me ever since. It is a feeling of lightness, of every thing being right in my world, of all my energy channels being open, a feeling of being on fire/on form, but quietly not pushing, not boastful, not striving, just being. Maybe it is like nature? all powerful but quietly achieving miraculous feats such as re-birthing life to plants in spring, yet doing it while wearing bare feet and humming a folk song?  What ever it is, Melody, you have changed something in me. Opened something up that I am not able to close now.  I cant wait to see where this leads me… exciting times ahead I say.

So would I recommend you have a treatment? HELL YES! Do it, don’t wait, what ever healing is meant for you will be delivered to you just as it should be. Don’t be nervous, and don’t let your ‘stories’ about woo woo treatments hold you back.  If you want to expand your life, cut through old blockages, and heal body issues before they arise, then book in RIGHT now.

In fact, Melody has come up with a special just for us. Have a Reiki Treatment with Melody anytime before January and you will get a Gift Voucher to give to a deserving friend or loved one this Christmas. Yep, two treatments for the price of one…

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