It’s the middle of winter, your brain is as foggy as the morning winter landscape, your skin is so dry feels like it is going to crinkle up and flake off at any moment, and you just want some yuminess back in your life.

Sounding familiar? Then I am really pleased that you are here today.  In this blog you will find some great tips to perk you AND your dry skin up.

Brain first- because we that functioning right?

In the winter months we have less oxygen and blood circulating around our bodies for a number of reasons:

  • We move less and therefore our lungs to not have to expand and take in more oxygen
  • We don’t exercise and use our muscles as much, meaning that they are not able to contribute to our bodies natural lymphatic drainage system
  • Our bodies naturally conserve heat by keeping blood supply deep in the body and close to the vital organs, this means that you have less blood (and oxygen) flow to the muscles, and your skin – and that is why is get drier (well one of the reasons)
  • When you have a decreased blood flow and supply of oxygen you also have less blood flowing to the brain – hello brain fog.

But what do to about it?  Thy these things my darling:

1. Eat more brain foods: blueberries, walnuts, broccoli.

2. When you feel yourself fading jump up and do 5 jumping jacks, that will be enough to get the blood flowing.

3. Drink ginger tea (you can buy this from the supermarket, healtheries do a nice one), this increases circulation.

4. Take some big, really big long slow breaths into your lungs. Breathe in for the count of 5, hold and out for the count of 5. Reeat this 5 times.

My skin, please save my skin next – tired of looking like godzilla?

Our skins become drier in winter because we have less blood, oxygen and nutrients reaching our skin (due to decreased circulation) and we also go from cold to hot environments frequently, and blast ourselves with the drying air of heaters – so we need to feed the skin better from the outside. Try these  two top tricks to remedy dry rough skin on your face:

  1. Apply three drops of good quality oil to your cleaned face (and body if you like) and hop into a really warm steamy shower. The steam will warm up the skin and allow for penetration of the oils into your skin.  You might like to try avocardo oil; or apricot kernal oil (please no coconut or olive etc, their molecules are too large to enter the skin and will cause more harm than good).  When you get out of the shower, just moisturize as usual.
  2. Stimulate the blood supply to the skin by performing a good exfoliation three times a week. It is important to use an exfoliant with both an enzyme action and a physical one. The enzyme breaks down the glue that holds the dry dead skin cells together and the physical exfoliant sloughs away the dry dead skin cells. This will also allow your products to penetrate to the skin cells that need the products you are applying.

I have literally the driest skin around, I am a whiter than white Irish skinned lass who loves the outdoors, and the thing that I find works the BEST on my skin, is the Medik8 Glow Oil.

Meet Medik8s Glow Oil

A beautiful, ultra silky and fast absorbing dry facial oil containing powerful antioxidant Vitamin C to hydrate and repair, plus a blend of 12 essential oils to instantly give a youthful glow and radiant skin texture. This elegant oil is blended for all skin types and ages, with a subtle floral fragrance for a truly pampering feel.

This 99%* natural facial oil contains a combination of oil-soluble Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils which help to repair and protect the skin from environmental damage whilst minimising visible signs of ageing.


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  • Hydrates dry skin & helps increase elasticity and density
  • Improves radiance and brightens complexion
  • Elegant blend of natural oils that restore, hydrate and nourish the skin
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils help to repair and protect the skin from environmental damage
    Minimises the visible signs of skin ageing

Treat yourself to a Medik8 Glow Oil especially designed to combat dry skin.  You can buy yours here.

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