Get A Handle On Overwhelm & Implement Self Care In A Manageable Way

Can you really afford some time out for yourself?  You sure can, because taking time out for yourself, no matter how small, will not only make you feel more grounded, it will actually make you more productive and better able to take care of your responsibilities. We all know this to be true, and research even backs this up, so why do we care for everyone else and put ourselves last?  Are we not worth caring for, are we just too busy, or do we have the kids with us all the time.  Bring the kids, they can look at the horses, stop in on your way to the next meeting or school drop off, and finally fill up your own tank so you can keep a hold of your sanity.

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We would like to help you feel more centered, look better, and provide a moment in time where you can actually defrag and regroup. The environment here is just what you need (see the countless testimonials telling you just that), it is a safe non judgmental space where you are the only person we are focusing on – you are not just a client here, you are the reason we got out of bed this morning.  We happily share our wealth of mindfulness techniques and many other tools.  We guarantee you will leave here feeling better than when you arrived. We really can’t wait to help you, see you soon.

Kindest Regards, Michelle Clarke, Director.

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Defining Relaxation and Tranquility

Beauty treatments available with the Hibiscus Coast’s most qualified Beauty Therapist: facials; skin rejuvenation treatments; needling; chemical peels; speed waxing… Puhoi Beauty & Spa offer the best beauty treatments in the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney area.

And finally, a small word about philosophy.   Puhoi Beauty & Spa is passionate about making you feel great. We will go out of way to make every visit a little slice of paradise for you, the highlight of your week, a tranquil pit stop in your busy life.  From the tranquil setting, to the top quality services, and final flourishes we guarantee that you will leave your treatment feeling better than when you arrived.  We cant wait to be of service to you, and hope to see you soon.

Finding balance in life is vital, and your relaxation and well-being are important.  Step into the incredibly tranquil, custom-built salon at Puhoi Beauty & Spa and feel your tension melt away instantly. From the moment you walk through our door, you are our only importance. Here you will receive international quality care in a relaxing environment, and you will leave feeling great.  Puhoi Beauty & Spa is genuinely passionate about what we do, and that passion along with 25 years experience shines through in all of our treatments.  Our clients say that it is our attention to detail that they love; the scented candles, the fresh herbal tea at the end of a massage treatment, the hot towels, the authentic care given to each and every client. 

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Michelle at Puhoi Beauty & Spa is so knowledgeable that it enables you to relax completely and enjoy the whole experience. Puhoi Beauty & Spa provides a beautiful and tranquil environment and is easily accessible to all. It is always great to go somewhere where you can trust them completely.
Jude Brentnall
Puhoi Beauty & Spa is such a professional yet relaxed place to be and the salon is beautiful. The salon is in a great tranquil spot surrounded by natural bush in a great little village. Michelle is very knowledgeable and over the years has helped me with a few issues with skin etc. I would highly recommend Puhoi Beauty & Spa to anyone, the treatments are divine and you walk away feeling fabulous.
Helen Furniss
I choose to visit Puhoi Beauty for a number of reasons: the location is great, I am already relaxed by the time I get to the salon; Michelle is really flexible with appointment times; I know that I will receive consistently good service because Michelle is qualified and experienced; the prices are amazing. You will love it too, I highly recommend Puhoi Beauty.
Nikki Morgan
A trip to Michelle ALWAYS leaves me feeling better about everything! She has a way of making me feel understood and cared for, while being amazing at what she does. I have very sensitive skin and am always hesitant to try new products, yesterday she gave me three new products to try which have left my face feeling less sensitive and calmer than it has in years! Thank you,
Melody Bird
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