If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out then you will be pleased to hear that help is only one delicious treatment away.

We have all been there, our mind space is nothing short of chaotic, our bodies ache and our skin is the last priority on our lists, let alone finding time for a lovely salon treatment.  Can you really afford some time out for yourself?  You sure can, because taking time out for yourself, no matter how small, will not only make you feel more grounded, it will actually make you more productive and better able to take care of your responsibilities. We all know this to be true, and research backs this up, so why do we care for everyone else and put ourselves last?  Are we not worth caring for, are we just too busy, or do we have the kids with us all the time.  Bring the kids, they can look at the horses, stop in on your way to the next meeting or school drop off, and finally fill up your own tank so you can keep a hold of your sanity.

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We would like to help you feel more centered, look better, and provide a moment in time where you can actually defrag and regroup. The environment here is just what you need, it is a safe non judgmental space where you are the only person we are focusing on – you are not just a client here, you are the reason we got out of bed this morning.  We have vast experience with overwhelm ourselves so we know just how to help you claw back back a little piece of you – we promise you will leave us feeling more centered, more in control, and feeling great. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at a few of the video testimonials found on every page on this website. We will happily share our wealth of mindfulness techniques and many other tools so that you can continue on your journey back from overwhelm in your own home too – just ask when you are in salon, or join one of our many free programmes.

Not sure what to book? We suggest you start with a Silver Standard Facial, this has a little bit of everything you need.  We really can’t wait to help you, see you soon.

Kindest Regards, Michelle Clarke, Director.

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What are our most popular treatments?

Facials seem to be everyone’s favourite treatment. People say that their skins feel amazing and they are super relaxed afterwards. Who wouldn’t want a treatment which works wonders and leaves you feeling on top of the world. We have been helping people to get amazing results for over 25 years and we can help you too. Join the hordes of people who are happy with their skin and finally get on top of those things which have had you taking a double look in the mirror – banish blemishes, fade pigmentation, reverse ageing… get the results you want NOW. 

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Super deals can be found on our packages page. Here you will find all sorts of deals to suit every need with highly targeted skin appearance deals including all treatments and products in one easy to grab heavily discounted package.  The Skin Rejuvenation Package at only $995 is the package most often selected because it includes a full range of top quality cosmecutical skincare, three needling sessions and 3 other skin treatments.   We can always tailor make you a package to suit your specific needs too. If you are looking for something to blow your socks off, the Platinum Facial Treatment will not disappoint. Click here to read all about it.

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Michelle at Puhoi Beauty & Spa is so knowledgeable that it enables you to relax completely and enjoy the whole experience. Puhoi Beauty & Spa provides a beautiful and tranquil environment and is easily accessible to all. It is always great to go somewhere where you can trust them completely.
Jude Brentnall
Puhoi Beauty & Spa is such a professional yet relaxed place to be and the salon is beautiful. The salon is in a great tranquil spot surrounded by natural bush in a great little village. Michelle is very knowledgeable and over the years has helped me with a few issues with skin etc. I would highly recommend Puhoi Beauty & Spa to anyone, the treatments are divine and you walk away feeling fabulous.
Helen Furniss
I choose to visit Puhoi Beauty for a number of reasons: the location is great, I am already relaxed by the time I get to the salon; Michelle is really flexible with appointment times; I know that I will receive consistently good service because Michelle is qualified and experienced; the prices are amazing. You will love it too, I highly recommend Puhoi Beauty.
Nikki Morgan
A trip to Michelle ALWAYS leaves me feeling better about everything! She has a way of making me feel understood and cared for, while being amazing at what she does. I have very sensitive skin and am always hesitant to try new products, yesterday she gave me three new products to try which have left my face feeling less sensitive and calmer than it has in years! Thank you,
Melody Bird
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