Banish the Blemish Package – $639

The Banish the Blemish Package focuses on treating inflammation and restoring the skin’s integrity before moving on to deal with the blemishes. It is ideal for those with cystic acne, hormonal acne and blind papules, comedones, and pustules. The package includes all products required, 4 treatments performed over a period of 2 months, and nutritional and lifestyle advice. The package includes a skincare consultation prior to commencement where we perform a patch test for the peels discuss product use in detail. You will need to be using the products for at least 4 weeks before the first treatment.

Acne Rosacea is also a form of acne but has a complex systemic interaction. We can also assist with treating this but the products used will be different, please book a complimentary skin consultation so that we can work out an individualized treatment plan you.

90% of the population will have acne at some time during their life. When we think of acne we immediately think of the teenager inflicted with pustules (those angry bumps filled with white pus). But adult acne is on the rise and includes acne rosacea and hormonal cystic acne as well as the common comedone (blackhead) and papule (blind pimple).

So what causes acne and can it be cured? The cause of acne is systemic i.e. internal.  Factors (mostly hormones) such as estrogen, testosterone, adrenalin, and androgens having an effect on the sebaceous glands in certain areas of the body especially the face and back. Sebaceous glands produce oil and are attached to hair follicles, these are commonly though of as pores.

When oil production increases several things occur:


We get oiler skin. Not really as issue on its own as sebum is good for the skin, but when we try to ‘clear the oil’ with stripping products such as soaps and specialty acne products we can inflame and damage the stratum corneum (top most layer of the epidermis). This pushes our skin into inflammation mode and as a result the skin produces even more sebum. Stripping oil from the skin also damages the skins integrity allowing infections to take hold (hello pustules) and hydration levels to diminish (leading to even more inflammation).


Hair follicles (pores) can get congested with sebum (oil) when the follicle opening becomes blocked by skin cells and excess sebum. This generally occurs when we are using a product which is drying out the skin or when we are not hydrating the skin well, or exfoliating regularly. This leads to what you would think of as enlarged pores.


The follicle wall can rupture under pressure and we end up with a pustule or cystic acne. This can be very sore and inflamed.


Excess sebum and skin cells accumulate at the follicle opening and the bacteria which are ever present on our skin (proponi-bacterium) feast on the sebum and begin to multiply causing infection and the associated pus, hello pustule.

Acne cannot be ‘cured’ but it can be controlled with cosmeceuticals and treatments.  At Puhoi Beauty & Spa we offer free nutritional and lifestyle advice to help you reduce the systemic causes of acne as well. Regardless of its name or cause, acne and it’s associated blemishes can shatter our confidence. Let us help you to regain confidence in your skin.

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