Cellulite Reduction Package - $599

Puhoi Beauty & Spa have put together a special package at the request of a customer who had lost weight but was struggling with the cellulite left behind.

Cellulite is caused by toxins.  Many water soluble toxins are flushed out of your body daily through sweating and urine, however when your body becomes overloaded with water soluble toxins or has to process toxins which it has no idea how to deal with (think carbon monoxide) it has to store them somewhere. The body also processes toxins in the liver but when there are too many (for example when we have been eating too much sugar, or our stress hormones are too prolific, or even when our estrogen is out of control) the body has to store the excess toxins until it has the capacity to do so.  The body deals with the excess toxins the only way it knows how… it traps the toxins in fat to immobilize them.  Toxins which are accumulated in this way in our bodies are surrounded by fat cells which are in turn surrounded by fluid because your body is trying to ‘flush out’ the toxins with the fluid. This fat surrounded by fluid is what gives us the appearance of dimply skin!   We need to get circulation to those areas of cellulite so your lymphatic system can take away the excess water and start to work on getting rid of the toxins. . Please note, your body will NOT let you burn off the fat with water and toxins trapped in the area, your body thinks it is being very kind to you and has trapped the toxins with the fat for your own protection (thanks body!).

Puhoi Beauty & Spa has designed a 7 week package to reduce cellulite in any two areas you select, for example the back of thighs, the stomach, the buttocks, or the front of the thighs. 

 The treatments include:

Week 1

Nutritional Consultation and home care instructions

Weeks 2-7

 Body Brush, Heat Treatment, Body Machine (either Galvanic or Ultrasonic depending on which would best suit your particular concerns), Lymphatic Drainage with Vacuum Suction

Body Brush
Slimming Gel

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