Skin Rejuvenation Package


As the treatment relies on micro injuries and resulting collagen repair to achieve results, before you begin treatments you must be using the correct Medik8 products in order for the skin to be able to achieve the collagen growth required after the treatments. The minimum routine that you will need to be on for 4 weeks prior to first treatment is:

  • Medik8 Pore Cleanse Gel (with lactic acid -BHA) or CreamCleanse (with AHA)
  • C-Tetra serum in the morning
  • Retinol 6TR or Retinol 10TR at nightime
  • Home Roller

The treatment takes 20 minutes and we use either a specialized Dermal Pen (for smaller areas ie the forehead) or a Dermal Roller (for larger areas ie the neck). These devices have very fine needles which puncture the surface of the skin to various depths (depending on what we are trying to achieve and how sensitive your skin is) with the aim of causing micro injuries to induce the production of new collagen and elastin fibres. We can numb smaller areas of skin before treatment begins, but you will surprised at how tolerable the treatment is even without numbing cream. Blood may come up to the surface of the skin but you wont feel this.


The area will look red after the treatment, usually for only a couple of hours, but this can last up to 48 hours, so Friday afternoon is the perfect treatment time for your first treatment. If we go to maximum skin depth (usually 3mm which gets down to the dermis layer and usually only on the third treatment after your skin is used to the treatments), you may have slight swelling after the treatment, but again this is short term, up to 48 hours but usually far less.


After the treatment we will apply a special cream, you should leave this on and not perform your usual skincare routine at night.  No make up, sun, heat treatments (spa, sauna, hot water), exercising, swimming, or touching are permitted to the area for 24 hours after the treatment – treat it like an open wound.

The morning after the treatment you may use Medik8s Red Alert Cleanser (you can buy a mini size of this in the salon if you do not already have it) or cold water to rinse the skin and then you can apply an organic healing cream (we have these in stock for you to purchase also).  Note: if you book and pay for 3 Collagen Induction Therapy Sessions you will receive the Mini Red Alert Cleanser and Mini Healing Balm free of charge.

After 48 hours you may continue with your normal life and skincare routine, with the exception of not using retinol or vitamin C products until 78 hours post treatment.


Home Skin Rollers only go to a depth of .25 mm whereas professional treatments get down to the dermis for active collagen production, but we do actually recommend that you undertake home Skin Rolling between the 3 Collagen Induction Therapy treatments with the serum (most are only $99) of your choosing depending on your skin concerns, to maximize the effects of the treatment.  Skin Rollers can be purchased from us for $79. The benefits of home Skin Rolling include:

  • Stimulating new skin cell growth * Increasing product penetration
  • Increasing cell metabolism * Improving skin clarity

To use the Skin Roller follow these instructions once a week:

  • Sanitize your roller (you can purchase sanitizer from us)
  • Cleanse your skin & apply 3-6 drops of your chosen serum to damp skin
  • Roll the roller over one area only (ie face, neck, hands, thigh).  Roll the roller lightly, there is no need to press down, the needles are doing the work
  • Roll the roller 10 times in all four directions for each area  while stretching the skin (we will show how) – no longer than 10 minutes
  • Sanitize your roller, rinse under water, air dry roller, and put away safely out of reach of children

For those of you who love to know the why, here is a (hopefully) simple explanation.  There are three phases involved in renewing collagen and elastin fibres in the skin with Collagen Induction Therapy.

  1. Inflammation (injury)

The micro injury caused by the needles stimulates platelet activation (platelets are the blood cells that help blood to clot).  Platelets stimulate the release of fibroblasts which are the growth factor needed to produce collagen and elastin in the skin.

2. Proliferation (growth)

3 cells in the skin begin to reproduce:

– Fibroblasts which later turn into collagen or elastin fibres

– Keratinocytes which make the skin strong and waterproof

– Monocytes which prevent infection

3. Synthesis of important skin factors

Proteoglycan synthesis is stimulated which supplies the skin with required energy for rapid cell growth.  GAG synthesis which attracts hydration to the skin cells, therefore increasing the density of the skin.

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