Skincare routines can be complex or they can be simple, but whatever your personal preference is you can achieve healthy, youthful skin by including these 3 easy steps into your skincare routines:

1. Vitamin C 

This powerful antioxidant is best applied in the mornings – it will help protect your skin from harmful free radical damage throughout the day, as well as stimulating collagen production and blocking the development of hyper-pigmentation.
*Apply your Vitamin C products as a serum or moisturiser onto cleansed skin in your A.M. routine.

2. SPF

Using an SPF every day is fundamental for a youthful complexion – even on a cloudy day you will still get approximately 50% of UV reaching your skin, damaging your skin cells and decreasing skin elasticity. Always look for broad spectrum SPF formulas and be aware of other ingredient nasties – opt for mineral based formulas made specifically for the face.
*Apply your SPF as the final step to your A.M. skincare routine

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A, aka Retinol, is a powerhouse product in the world of anti-ageing skincare. It’s wealth of skin benefits include speeding up cellular renewal (hello collagen!) and reducing sebum production. After introducing retinol to your skincare routine you can expect to see diminished fine lines and wrinkles, a brighter more even skin tone, and blemishes minimised.
*Apply your Vitamin A products as a serum or moisturiser onto cleansed skin in your P.M. routine – best applied under instruction of a professional  so book your free skin consult to find out more!

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