Having a facial might be the most delicious way to cure your fatigue, re-set your hormones and re-balance your mind.

There is no doubt about it, fatigue gets to us all. Especially us mum’s, we rush from one thing to another, even when we are feeling fatigue (the bodies signal that it needs a rest) we soldier on because ‘every one is counting on us’ and ‘the wheels will fall off if we drop the ball’ … well, at least those are the stories I tell myself.  I am sure you have your own version :).

But what is the cost of ignoring fatigue? What is the cost of ignoring our bodies signals?  There are plenty, I should know, I have personally visited complete burn out 3 times now.  These are some of the symptoms of fatigue bordering on burn out:

  • You feel everything so deeply,  a news items can have you welling up
  • You are bone tired, you could quite happily lie down in a coffin if it means you can rest for a bit
  • Everything feels drab – you cannot seem to muster any joy-de-vire for life
  • You feel all your emotions intensely and they can change as fast as the weather
  • You feel like you are the verge of tears at least once of week
  • You mis-interpret communication reguarlity
  • Your brain seems foggy
  • You are starving hungry but nothing appeals to eat
  • You find yourself zoning out and wonder where the time has gone
  • You wonder if you can do this another day longer
  • Your body aches
  • Even though you are tired, when you get to bed you cannot sleep

Notice how many of these symptoms we live with as if they are just our lot in life!  Is that not alarming that we have come to think of these symptoms as normal. THEY ARE NOT NORMAL AND YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Something really easy actually…so read on.

Fatigue might look and feel different for everyone, but the one thing in common is the inability to problem solve clearly and quickly, or a feeling that the brain is just not up to speed.  Regardless of your symptoms the best way to avoid fatigue is to carefully plan ‘you time’ into your busy schedule, some sources say that meditating up to one hour a day may help!!!!!!!

Now hang on a tick right? Who the hell as got time to meditate for one hour  a day? If you do that is great, and I am sure that you will feel the benefits of that. For me, I need something much quicker, and so after much trial and error I have come up with something that works for me… and I think it might work for you too.

Now that I have finally figured out the way to keep on keeping on AND not burn out, I have experienced many other positive effects, including:

  • Balanced hormones – I no longer get terrible PMT
  • I get tired at night – now that might make you laugh, you might wonder why getting tired is good. It is good because I can fall asleep and stay asleep, meaning I am rested in the morning.
  • I am full of vigor in the mornings
  • I am less emotional – I no longer get so mad or upset

My method is really really simple and does not take much time. It includes a daily affirmation, a colour breathing chakra balancing routine, drinking more water, and a little bit of journaling. Now that I have figured out what works, I help my clients to come up with their own little rhythms while I am working on them.  I guess that’s why some of clients say I don’t really ‘do facials’  as such. My facials  might make the skin look great, but they are more like a ‘facial experience’  in that they are like having a day at a retreat even though you have only been on the bed for 80 minutes.

So why do the facial experiences here at Puhoi Beauty & Spa leave you feeling like you have been on a retreat for a week?  There are a few reasons but these are the main ones:

  • When we do your massage I work on special trigger points which ‘turn off’  your nervous system – so that you can relax deeply
  • I use essential oils to switch your brain to ‘calm mode’
  • I use heat, bolsters, and sometimes swaddling to signal to your brain that you are safe – this allows you to relax deeply
  • I use a special type of music that set the brain to a certain frequency for healing
  • I use purposeful rhythmic strokes to move your brain waves to delta so that you can think clearly and process

My clients are always deeply relaxed when they get off the bed for sure, but it is more than that. Often times, clients come with a certain issue and leave with a solution, or they come wired but tired and leave relaxed and sure.

Without a doubt, facials are my favourite treatment, because I get to give you the gift of ‘yourself’  that is, I help you to feel like the old you again, I help to rinse away the hectic pace of life and take you on a journey to self repair. Who wouldn’t love doing that right?

If you are ready for your own facial experience and would like me to personalise your breathing exercises, affirmations and journal prompts, I would love to see you.  You can book your facial experience by clicking the button below.

Michelle Clarke, Taking you once step closer to the you that you want to be.

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